Baby's super digger!

Baby Zayy is helping his siblings with his favorite toy Excavator. Watch out for these fantastic stories along with a beautiful excavator song. Enjoy this cute entertaining video. 
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Baby: Ha! Now it's finished!

Hey excavator
you are my buddy
I like your bucket
and your arm

Hey excavator
you are my buddy
you have four wheels
that are strong

Hey excavator
you are my buddy
your horn goes ki ki
that is loud

Baby: Huh?

Dolly: Help! Help! My doll fell into the pool. Help me.

Baby: Oh, Don't worry, Dolly. My digger will save her.

Dolly: doll! Oh no, she's drowning in the water.

Baby:  I'll get her now.

Baby: Easy...easy...almost there...haha, here you go.

Dolly: Oh my dear, you are back.

Dolly: Thank you, Baby! Your digger is a superhero.

Baby: Yeah, I know. My buddy is always a superhero.

Johny: Ugh, This pit is not getting bigger! Oh, my apple plant. I can't do it anymore.

Baby: Johny! You look so tired. Do you need any help?

Johny: Huh? Help? Don't be funny. Even I can't do this!

Baby: Hm, Maybe. But he can!

Baby: Move, move. Look, It's so easy for him.

Johny: Whoa! It worked! Baby, Your buddy is so cool!

Johny: Next, I need to get the water.

Baby: Here comes the water. He can do anything.

Johny: Whoa, Thank you, Baby. Your digger is a big help for me.

Baby: Hehe, Call me if you need any help with my digger. Bye Bye.

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