A gift from grandparents

A surprise gift from grandparents is here. Johnny and Baby are really excited to play with it. It's a Robot dog and it can be controlled. But, our poor bingo seems to be left out. Let's see what happens next.
Billion surprise toys are here to make your lads jump in excitement. Follow for more.

Johny: I'm coming. Who's that? Huh? Oh, a gift box! Where is it from? Johny: Grandpa and Grandma are sending you a very special gift. Johny: Oh! Grandpa and grandma send us a gift. Baby: Here. Hm, Ha, Bingo? Ugh, I'm so bored. He is not playing with me. Johny: Guys, Come over here. Look what I got! Baby: What is it, Johny? Johny: It's from Grandpa and Grandma. It'll be something very special. Baby: Ha, then I will open it. : A Robodog : Aw, It's so cute. : Will he play with me? Johny: Yeah, We can control him with this. Baby: Yay, I got a new friend. : Put him down, I want to play with him. : Ha? Oh yay, It's working. So cool. Johny: Come on, Baby. Let's get him outside. : Baby, stop. Let's see what else he can do. Baby: Okay, Okay. This one? Or...this? : sit now. : stand. : Yay, he's doing everything. Johny: ha. Let's go somewhere else. (voiceover) Go on..Go on... Baby: Yay, It's so fun. Johny: Here you go, fetch! : Oh! There it is, good boy. Johny: Hey bingo, Come. Let's play together.

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