Playtime with Digger!

It's a good day to play with the excavator toy. Guess who is having showtime with his new toy? Our Baby! He is finding every missing item with his digger. Not only that, he helps everyone too.
Entertain your tots with these cute edutaining animation videos, follow for more updates. 

Baby: Oh, this is so cool, up...down...front...and back...

Johny: Hey guys, Have you seen my shoes? It's missing. I can't find it here.

Dolly: I didn't see it. I was busy setting my ball pit from the morning, so tired.

Johny: Hey Chiya, Did you see my shoes? I'm searching for it everywhere.

Chiya: I'm fixing my treehouse. I didn't see anything. Oh, my tennis ball. Where is it?

Johny: Oh, Baby, you're the only one left. Have you seen it?

Baby: Huh? No. I was playing with my digger.

Johny: Hmmm...yesterday my socks were my shoes.

Chiya: And my tennis ball too...

Johny: Huh? That too... Everything is vanishing...I don't know what to do.

Baby: Huh? What's going on?

Baby: Ha...Now I get it.

Baby: Haha, I'm going to find everything.

Baby: um,.. ha...this will help.

Baby: Yes! I found it...hurray.

Johny: Oh, Thank you, baby. I should hide everything from bingo.

Baby: Oh my buddy, You were a great help.

Chiya: Uh, It's so heavy. Uh, oh! How will I get this to my treehouse?

Baby: Huh? You okay, chiya?

Chiya: hmm, I'm trying to get this on top, but...

Baby: Oh, I can help you. Look at my boy. He will get your things up.

Baby: Okay...go on..go on.

Baby: Chiya, Call me when your treehouse is ready.

Chiya: Of course, You can play with me then.

Dolly: Uh oh! Again. Ho. These balls.

Baby: What happened, Dolly? Do you need any help?

Dolly: Oh yes yes, I need to fill this, Can you help me with that?

Baby: My digger will help you. Come on, buddy.

Dolly: Oh Thank you, baby. Join us. We can play in the ball pit.

Baby: Ya...Let's go!

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