Bubbles Bubbles all around!

Who doesn't love Bubbles? A dreamland with tiny cute water balls. Dolly is blowing bubbles and Baby is wandering in such dreamy land popping bubbles. Enjoy this wonderful video of them having fun. 

Enjoy this visual treat from the BST family, and don't forget to follow for more updates.

Mommy: Baby? Don't go, I saw you. Come, I'll get your food.

Baby: Uff! I'm coming...

Mommy: Here, You have to finish your meal. Okay?

                 : Chiya, you watch him. I'll be back soon.

Chiya: Baby, hurry up, you don't have any choice.

Baby: Ha? Bubbles? Wow...

          : It's from...Oh! The windows!

Dolly: Baby, Do you like popping bubbles?

Baby: Yay, of course, I love it.  Wow, 1...2...3.

           : Ha. Dolly, can I try it?

Dolly: Here you go.

Baby: Huu... Hu? No bubbles?

Dolly: Do it slowly, Baby.

Baby: Hu... whoa...

           : Hey Dolly, look, it's like a teddy.

Dolly: Oh, give me. I will show you mine.

          : Haha... a butterfly.

Baby: yay. I love this game. Ah, Let's make more.

          : Yay...a bubble worm.

Dolly: tic...tu...tic...tu...

           : Ha? Me...Me.

Baby: Ha? Okay.

Dolly: Huh? Oh, it's empty now.

Baby: Ow, Finished?

Mommy: Baby, where are you? Come, eat your veggies.

Dolly: Mommy, he's here.

Baby: Shhh...Don't... Uh-oh!

Dolly: Oh no, He's gone.

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