Firefighter is on the mission!

Who doesn't love superheroes? The Baby is having a beautiful dream of being a firefighter and rescuing everyone. Well, his days are filled with duty calls. 

Check out this cute pretend play and also don't forget to sing along with our splendid song. Watch and enjoy.

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Mommy: Once in a jungle...there was a fire...a huge one!
               Our superhero firetruck came...and rescued everyone.
               The animals thanked him, the jungle was back to
                normal and everybody is happy.

Baby: So, a firefighter is a superhero, right, Mommy?

Mommy: Yes, darling, A firefighter saves everyone, so he
               is a hero, and everybody loves him.

Baby: Ha, then, I want to become a firefighter and
         I'll rescue everyone!

Baby: It's time for my mission, okay! All set!
          Huh? Anybody?

Baby: I'm not sleeping...Ha? Anyone?

“Vroom vroom vroom
Vroom vroom vroom
The fire truck is on the way
I am on a mission
The rescue mission
Vroom vroom vroom
Vroom vroom vroom”

Baby: Oh! A rescue alarm? Call from mousie? Oh!
          I need to hurry!


Baby: Don't worry mousie, this will shed the fire!

Rat: Ha, Thank you, Uh Oh, my food...

Baby: It's okay! Here you go,
          bye bye

Baby: Ha! That was a good call!

Baby: Oh! Another one? Little birdie!
          I'm coming! Let's go!

Baby: Oh little birdie, are you okay?
          Look, I'm a firefighter.
          My ladder will get you to your momma.

Baby: Have a safe flight...bye-bye
          Wow! It was a good day, hahaha.

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