Dolly is getting a princess hairstyle.

Chiya is here to get Dolly a beautiful princess hairstyle!

It's so fun to watch the kids trying new things at home.

Watch the video for a visual treat of a brother trying his best to make his sister's hair into a princess hairstyle.

Follow for more treats.

Dolly - Oh, it doesn't match on my dress,
Oh no, how can I fix my hair?

Chiya - Ahh, fix the hair? Who is that?

Chiya - Hey dolly, come to my salon. I will fix your hair.

Dolly -  Is it? yeah, I'll come

Chiya - Okay, take your seat.
What hairstyle do you want?

Dolly - Hmm, I want to be pretty like a princess.
So, let's do the princess's hairstyle.

Chiya - Princess! Oh, it's very easy for me.

Chiya - Now, add some color to the hair
Oops, sorry-sorry,
Ha, you look great

Dolly - Ohh, Noo, it's not like a princess's hair.
Please change this

Chiya - okay, okay, be calm, I will fix that.
What about a curly one?

Chiya -Dolly, it will take some time; please wait here.

Dolly - Oh, Okay

Chiya - Ohh! times up

Chiya - Haa! Finished, Hey Dolly, wake up, take a look.

Dolly - What?

Dolly -Ohh my hair [ crying ]

Chiya - Oh, don't cry.
Give me one more chance. please

Dolly - Hmm, Okay

Chiya - I'll do better this time.

Dolly - Then, do it fast.

Chiya - Ha! Now You look like a princess!

Dolly - Yeah! I look pretty like a princess.
Thank you dear

Chiya - Oh! you're welcome

This is how we sing and dance, sing and dance, sing and dance
This is how we sing and dance, all through the day.

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