Johny's makeover time!

What's inside the new gift box?

Johny will be given the gift box only if he agrees to let him get a makeover by Dolly. Dolly is on fire! She made a cute princess out of Johny. Watch and enjoy the overloading cuteness.

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Johnny: A new Gift box? Wow!

Dolly: No, No, this is my gift.

Johnny: Mmm, let me open it, please?

Dolly: Ahh, But you have to come to my salon,
for makeup, okay?

Johnny: What! a makeup? Ugh! No way

Dolly: Then l will not give you the gift.

Johnny: Oh, wait, wait. I will come.

Dolly: Are you ready?

Johnny: okay!

Dolly:  Please, show your cheeks.

Johnny: Oh! my cheeks are red.

Dolly: Haha, which color do you want?

Johnny: Hmm? I wand Blue.

Johnny: wow!

Dolly: close your eyes.

I will put on eyeshadow.

Dolly: Okay, you wait here,

I will be back.

Dolly: what is this?

Dolly: Ahh!!

Dolly: Johnny, what are you doing? It's lipstick, not candy.

Give me that.

Dolly: Now, let's fix this on the head.

Dolly: Wow! perfect

Dolly: finally! here, your dress and shoes

Johnny: No, no, l can't

Dolly: If you don't- then I will not give the gift

Johnny: Okay, pass me that

Dolly: Shh, Wait, I have a surprise

Baby: Surprise?

Baby: Hey Johnny - dolly, you both look the same.

Mommy: Oh! it's nice

Dolly: Here! Your gift. Please open it.

Johnny: Wow, a remote car!

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