Mommy has got surprise gifts!

Mommy is here with big colorful toys. Can you guess?
Well, it's inflatable toys. Dolly, Johny, and the baby are excited to blow them up. A visitor is here to help the baby. Take a look to see the amazing guest.

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Baby: Tadaa, huh? where did they go?

Mom: Kid's come. I got something for you.

Johny: Hey, look, gift boxes

Babies: Mom, what is that? show me, show me 

Mom: Oh! Wait, Wait, Do you have any guesses?

Johny: Hmm, is it a toy car!

Dolly: Huge Building blocks!

Baby: I know, I know. Candies, I'm I correct, Mom?

Mom: Haha, okay, okay, let's open it. 

Babies: Wow! inflatable toys! 

Mom: Here, use this too 

Babies: "Mommy bought us
inflatable toys
colorful inflatable toys
up down up and down
up down up and down 
up down up and down
and this is how we blow up."

Baby: Up down, Up down 

Baby: Up-down, Ha, why isn't this working? 

Baby: I can do this. 

Baby: Oh no! What to do now? 

Johny: Ha Ha! we're going to win this soon 

Baby: Ha! pssst, hey! here, look 

Baby: listen, I want your help. Can you come with me? Please? 

Baby: Shh. Don't make noise, slowly. 

Baby: Here, please blow this for me 

Baby: Aww, thank you, Bye 

Dolly: Hey! look, baby, blow up the toy 

Mom: Oh well done, come on, let's play in it.

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