Baby's healing everyone!

Dolly and Johny are feeling bad that their dolls are injured. Our little baby cosplays as a doctor and treats everyone's wounds. 

Come on, Join us to see our cute animation that fills the heart of the beholder.

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Dolly: Oh, where is she?

Dolly: Ha! oh no, you're hurt 

Baby: What happened, dolly? 

Dolly: Look, she's hurt.

Baby: Oh! Don't worry, let me call the doctor.

Baby: Okay, come buddy,

            they are waiting for us.

Dolly: Doctor, she fell and got a boo-boo!

Baby: Hmm, let me see.

Baby: It will make her boo-boo better.

Dolly: Aww, Thank you, doctor, you saved my doll.

Baby: It's okay, take care.

Johny: Okay, Now your turn, go.

Johny: Ha! oh no, your leg.

Baby: What happened, Johny?

Johny: Look, teddy is hurt.

Baby: Oh! wait, let me call the doctor

Baby: Come on, buddy, let's go.

Johny: Come doctor, look at my teddy.

Baby: Okay, let me see!

Baby: There you go. You'll get well soon.

Johny: Thank you, doctor, you saved my teddy.

Baby: It's okay, dear.

           Come, let's play together.

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