Let's make a big toy house!

Kids are bored of making small blocks. How about a big toy house with colorful blocks? Well, Dolly, Johny, and the baby are here to entertain you with a singalong, and let's make a wonderful toy house. A giant one! 

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Baby: Here, red, yellow, blue, and green 

Dolly: Hey guys, let's make a toy house!

Baby: Yeah, I want a big one 

Johny: Huh! big one? Hmm. I have an idea.

Johny: Okay! Wait here. I will get the toy blocks!

Baby: Ha! okay

Johny: Huh! All done. Let's go, buddy.

Song: Johny on a truck, Johny on a truck

a truck with full of fun toy blocks.

Red green and blue, yellow, white and purple.

A truck with full of colorful blocks.

Baby: Huh, he hasn't come back yet? Where is he? 

Dolly: Hey, Be calm. (beep)

Dolly: Look, there he is.

Johny: Here! We've got all the blocks we need. Builders, are you ready?

Baby: Yeah! 

Baby: Huh! let's place it here; oh ho. No-no-no.

Dolly: Don't worry, baby, let's fix it together.

Dolly: First placed this one and carefully put the other on it.

Johny: Yeah, that's it.

Johny: Huh! what happened

Baby: Sorry I slipped.

Dolly: Come on! let's try once more

Dolly: Do it fast 

Johny: Oh! It's perfect. 

Dolly: Yeah, this side too

Johny: And the final one.

Johny: Look, the toy house is ready

Baby: Wow, this is a big one.

Ha, I loved it.

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