Ball pit slide or water slide

Dolly, Johny and the baby are here at the park to try out the new slides. Chiya introduces two latest water slide and ball pit slide to the kids. Everyone's so excited to try it out. 

Johny and Dolly are arguing about who goes first. But our little baby jumped in first. He finds it so cool. Are you ready to try it out?

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Chiya: Who was that? Mmm.Mmm
Baby: Ohh!Sorry. It was me. Are you okay, right?
Chiya: Yeah! See, I am good. I have been looking for you guys. 
we got some new rides here 
Chiya: Water slide and Ball pit slide.
Baby: Wow.
Chiya: Do you like it?
Baby: Yeah, I loved it! 
Chiya: Then have fun 
Johnny: Me first. Me first!
Dolly: No, no, I want to go first
Johnny: No! I want to
Dolly: No, I will.
Baby: I'm going to slide now! Watch me.
Baby: Yeah! Woohoo.
Dolly: Hmm, where is baby?
Baby: Yeah! It's so cool.
Guys! come, join me
Johny: Wow, Look, so many colors, yeah!
Chiya: Ohh noo! Kids, what are you doing
Could you put all the ball back? 
Baby: Okay, okay 
Dolly: I'll get the blue balls.
Johny: And I'll get the red ones.
Johny: Baby Zayy, Come on. Let's play on this
Baby: Ahhh!
Baby: Oh! I am scared; what should I do now 
Johnny: Why isn't he here yet?
Johny: Hello, Baby, Are you there?
Chiya: Guys, Don't worry. I'll check on him.
Chiya: Hey, Baby. Be Calm;
I'm here to help you.
Don't be scared.
It's just like the other slides.
Baby: Really?
Chiya: Okay then, here you go.
Baby: Haha, it is so much fun

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