Treasure hunt with surprise eggs

It's treasure hunt time! Who doesn't love surprises? Well, Chiya has hidden all the surprise eggs from the eggs counter. As usual, kids are here to play in the park. But where are the eggs? Let's play a treasure hunt to find out. Everyone is really excited to play treasure hunt because the end result will be worth the wait.  

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Johny : Look! Surprise egg counter!

: Let's check it out ?

Babies : Yeah

Dolly : Huh? It's empty.

Johny : Where are all the eggs?

Chiya : Hey kids !

: Let's play treasure hunt ?

: Find out where the eggs are.

J/D : Oh yeah! Let's do it!

Dolly : Hmm..?

: Where is it?

: Oh, where could it be.

Johny : I think it is in here

: I can't find it.

Baby : Hm, i can do this

: Huh? Is it in here?

Dolly : What is that?

: Ha! I got an egg!

: Wow! I look so pretty.

Baby : Let's see, hmm.

: Oh oh...

Johny : Ha! I'll search in here too.

:Yay! I got it!

: Whoa! I'm a cop now.

: And I'm gonna catch the thief.

: Aha! I caught you!

Baby : Huh? Hmm

Chiya : If u want the egg

Find the biggest bounce house,

Baby : Ha! This one is the biggest.

: Mm, Where is it?

: Yay! I found it, I found it.

: Wow! So many candies.

: Come! Let's play now.

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