Johny, Dolly and Chiya set up a nice surprise for baby!

What is more exciting than the siblings sticking together to plan a birthday surprise! It is baby's birthday, and Johnny, Dolly, and Chiya are all ready to surprise him with a birthday present. Exciting, joyful, happy, and colorful visuals and a pleasant animation story from the BST family.


Dolly: Are you ready? 

 Dolly: Here are the clues,

     :Try to find it out! 

 Baby: Books! 

 Chiya: No, no, no..

 Find the next. 

 Baby: T.V !

 Dolly: Uh-huh, one more to go!

 Baby: I know it!

 Baby: I got a cycle!

 Johny & Dolly: Now, let's open the boxes too! 

 Baby: Ha, I loved it!

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