Teach Table manners

Lay the groundwork of good table etiquettes by playing this fun-filled educational 3D animation video to your wee one! Let them take their tiny steps towards being courteous at the tables and being compassionate to everyone. 

Johny‚Äôs parents are training the little kids with basic table etiquettes in a very fun way! So many gleeful moments are waiting to delight your little one in this adorable video! 

The top table manners like washing the hands before and after food, spreading a napkin in lap, keeping elbows off the table, sitting up straight, chewing with closed mouth, keeping silence when mouth is occupied with food, helping mom with the cleaning etc. are portrayed in an amazing way in this table manners song!

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Table manners table manners

We want to learn some table manners

Oh yes children oh yes children

Let's learn about some table manners

Wash your hands wash your hand

Before you eat any food

Ok mommy ok daddy

Washing makes healthy hands

Napkin in lap napkin in lap

Before you start eating food

Oh yes mommy oh yes mommy

We are placing it on lap

Elbows off the table elbows off  the table

Sit up straight its for must

Ok mommy sorry mommy

We will do like that

Always say thank you always say thank you

When you get some food

Ok daddy ok daddy

Its really look, good mommy

Chew with your mouth closed  

Chew with your mouth closed  

Its a good habit baby

Don't talk with your mouth full

Don't talk with your mouth full

Ok we will do like that

Take up your dishes

When you finished eating

Oh yes daddy oh yes daddy

We will surely do like that

Help your mommy Help your mommy

It is a good habit for children

Oh yes daddy oh yes daddy

we will surely help our mom

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