Baby Eating Food with Puppets Song

James is using incredibly cute puppets and toys to get Johny to eat healthy food! This is that perfect food song you were looking for all this time which will help you fight your picky eater!! Play this at the meals table and you can ignite a sense of excitement for green veggies and fruits among your wee ones!

Along with the eyepopping visuals, a great description of each food has been inculcated into this video! Let the child get an amazing and comprehensive picture of the health benefits he gets from each of these juicy veggies and dishes!

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Oh, my little baby

It's time to take your carrots

Let's eat the carrots, and be healthy

And it's good for your eyes

no... no... no...

Hey my name is bunny

I like to eat carrots

It's crunchy and tasty

It's good for my health

Crunch crunch crunch...


I'm still hungry mommy

Feed me more carrots

Yum yum yum yummy…

I’ll eat the carrots mommy

Hey little champ I'm a giraffe

I like to eat broccoli

Yum yum yum yummy

I like to eat broccoli

I want it more…

I want it more…

No, I want it more mommy

Hello. Am Mr. Squirrel

I like to eat nuts and fruit

It's tasty and yummy

Am a bit, hungry mommy

Hey, baby, I’m Teddy here

I like to eat green peas

Yum yum yum yummy

I’m still hungry mommy

Feed me more feed me more

Feed me more mommy...


Feed me more feed me more

Feed me more my mommy…

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