Chiya's Ice cream Cart

Kids’ sunny day out! A balmy video, featuring beautiful park picturizing kids’ sunny day out at the park. As usual, Johny and Dolly are in playing mood and Chiya is there with an element of joy, ice-cream. Both of them, enjoying different ice-creams while playing in park rides. Let see, how Johny treating his twin sister and how Chiya makes them happy in gloomy moments. How cute is siblings Love!!!


Chiya: ice-cream ice-cream hey kids let’s have some ice-cream
Johny: Dolly let’s eat some ice-cream
Dolly: yeah…okay
Chiya: good morning kids….do you wanna eat ice-cream
Johny & Dolly: yeah, we want ice-cream
Chiya: select your flavour
Johny: we want kiwi ice-cream
Dolly: no, I like strawberry
Johny: kiwi…
Dolly: strawberry….
Johny: kiwi…
Dolly: strawberry…
Chiya: okay okay fine wait…here is you kiwi and strawberry
Johny & Dolly: yeah….
Chiya: pay for my ice-cream
Johny: sure, take this
Dolly: oops finished I want one more
Johny: okay let’s go for the next
Chiya: hey kids you again
Johny: yeah, it’s really hot today
Dolly: we want more ice-cream
Chiya: now which flavour you like
Johny: I like mango
Dolly: I like blueberry
Johny: mango…
Dolly: blueberry…
Johny: mango…
Dolly: blueberry…
Chiya: okay okay just wait…. here is your mango and your blueberry
Johny & Dolly: yeah…
Chiya: give me money
Johny: yeah here it is
Dolly: oh no
Johny: what happened Dolly
Dolly: it’s gone I need one more
Johny: okay
Chiya: you again
Dolly: we want one more pls
Johny: oops…we don’t have enough money
Chiya: sorry…no money no ice-cream
Johny& Dolly: oh no
Chiya: wait wait I have something special for you
Dolly: it’s so sweet.
Bye bye bye….

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