Toy car race

Playing mode on! A charming video picturizing a park, introducing our adorable kids Johny and Dolly as riders. Let’s see how they care and treat each other in small perils. Supporting their love and care, Chiya as ice-cream man and Henna as traffic police. Enjoy the video which boosts your kid's playing mood with a moral value.

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Chiya: what want you baby
Johny: I want an ice-cream
Chiya: take this
Johny: wow…yay
Dolly: wow…it’s so yummy
Johny: oh no
Chiya: what do you want baby
Dolly: I want a candy
Chiya: here it is
dolly: wow…yay
Johny: wow…I’m a superhero
Henna: stop stop bring me this to cross the barrier
Johny and Dolly: okay
Johny and Dolly: we want special ice-cream
Chiya: here you go
Henna: Bye...Bye...

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