Darling Darling Cooking

A salubrious video presenting the solidarity and love in a family. Johny and his family are occupied in making a major dish of chicken in the kitchen. It likewise passes on a good message to your children to help their moms'.

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Darling darling yes sweetie
I want your help here, sure sweetie
Please help me here, coming, sweetie
Fry the potatoes for me, ha ha ha

Mommy mommy, yes, chiya
Let’s make roasted chicken, sure, baby
Will you help me? Sure, mommy
Let’s make it, baby, ha ha ha

Mommy mommy, yes, Johny
I want to help, sure, baby
Let’s make it together, ok, mommy
Its looks so yummy, ha ha ha

Sweetie, sweetie, yes, darling
Dolly needs muffins, is it dolly?
I want muffins, come here, baby
Have them dear, ha ha ha

My dears, dears, yes, mommy (yes, sweetie)
Our chicken is ready, yeah
Let’s take it out, yeah yeah yeah
Yum, yum, yummy, ha ha ha

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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