Learn Seasons Song

A pleasant video featuring an elegant garden where Daisy teaching kids about seasons. Today Ms. Daisy is explaining about a season stunning Autumn. Get ready to take your kids to have some fresh air and teach them the peculiarities of the autumn season and also different kinds of seasons. 

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Which season do you like the most
I like autumn season
Autumn season autumn season
A new school year starts here
Autumn season autumn season
We all starts go to school
Autumn season autumn season
A beautiful season
Autumn season autumn season
A transition from summer to winter
Autumn season autumn season
Also known as fall
Leaves change their colour from green
To red yellow orange and brown
Autumn season autumn season
The temperature grows colder
The daylight starts growing shorter
I love this autumn season
Squirrels who gather acorns
Bears eat extra food to store fat
It all happen in autumn season
A beautiful season

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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