Mommy as Doctor Pretend Play

The video features a dynamic hospital premise through a pretend-play for kids! The entire family takes part in the kid's pretend-play and it is really fun to watch each of them playing their role on their turn.

Along with familiarizing the child with the atmosphere of a clinic and observation steps, many healthy instructions are delivered through this video. Emily instructs little Dolly to not play in the rain, to drink lots of fluids, to take a good amount of rest and to take medicines in time!

Bring a giggle to your little one by showing him/her how naughty Johny scares Dolly with a syringe as big as her!! Let them sing along to this Song on health for kids

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Hey what happend baby

I'm having fever daddy

Ohh let me look baby

Yes you can look daddy(tune)

Hello good morning doctor

How are you baby

Not well she is having fever

Well we will take a look(tune))

How long are you not well

Since yeserday doctor

Please sit here

Let me take your temperature

Ok sure i will do like that

Good babyyy....(tune)

Ohh you are having a

High temperature..

Ohh dear doctor

What should i do now?(tune)

Take these medicines properly

You will be ok in 4 days

Take bed rest

Ok sure i will do like that(tune)

Drink lot of fluids

It make ur body stronger

Dont play in the rain

It make ur body very weak(tune)

Ok sure i will do like that

I will surly eat my medicines

I will drink a lot of fluids

I will never play in the rain(tune)

 Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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