Car Wash Song

The fun combo of bumper cars, vibrant colors and captivating rhythms have combined in this stunning toy cars cartoon video! Little Johny and Dolly are taking great joy in riding toy cars for kids! 

They are making efforts to learn the radiant colors of the car as they play. Make the most of this video for teaching your kids about colors as they enjoy the scenic beauty of the grasslands and funky ride-on cars!

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Play, play, its Time to play with cars
Yes, yes, yes, I like to play with cars
Yes, yes, yes, i like to drive the cars
Cars ,cars, cars are fun to play

Pink, Pink, try this Pink colour car
Wooh, wooh, it's really fun to drive
Yes, yes, yes, I like to drive the car
Yeah yeah yeah i like this car

Hey, hey, i want a new car
Car, car, my dolly wants to drive
Yes, yes, yes, she can drive this car
Ha ha ha i like it too
Wooh, wooh, she likes the car yeah

Wooh, wooh, its really fun to drive
Yes, yes, yes, you can have a new car
Blue blue i want the blue colour car
Come, come, lets drive the car together
Ho ho ho i like it wooh

Ha, ha, ha, we like it wow..
Yes, yes, yes, i want to ride with you

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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