Types of Dinosaurs Song

The Dinosaur obsession is something common in almost every preschoolers! How cute will it be to listen to kids saying specific family names of dinosaurs as they go through this phase! Emily has got you covered - with her Dinosaur songs for kids!

How about your little ones being specific about what they want to dress up as for pretend-plays or Halloweens! Make it happen by teaching them with this educational 3D animation videos in a very fun-filled way!

Let your little one gets these foundations right with similar 3D animation videos so that we can build on their curiosity! 


Dinosaur Dinosaur Dino Dino Dinosaur
So big and they could shake the ground
Dinosaur Dinosaur dino dino dinosaur
Some have tails about a mile long (tune)

Tyrannosaurus rex, they are the king of dinosaurs
Triceratops with a large bony frill and horns
He ate meat all the time yes, he is carnivores
Diplodocus, the longest dinosaur that ever lived
They ate plants all the time yes, they are herbivores(tune)

Pteranodon, massive flying reptile also called as pterosaur
Front limbs are shorter than its hind yes they are herbivores
They eat plants all the time yes they are herbivores
With its massive beak, it captured fish yes they are carnivores(tune)

Stegosaurus they have spikes along their back
They are meat eaters yes they are carnivores(tune)
Velociraptors, they hunt together in packs

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