Little Chick in the Egg

We all want our kids to be growing in harmony with Nature and our fellow creatures. To instill the love for fellow living beings, the kids need to know Nature. This is one such educational videos for toddlers which portrays Johny's and Dolly's first encounter with Hatching!

This exquisite HD animation video illustrates the hatching process in the cutest way possible! Chiya is taking good care to slow down near the eggs and to not disturb the mother hen! This carefulness makes the wee ones to feel responsible towards their companion animals. They also remember to feed the little chicks with grains!

Nurture the compassion for animals by playing this animal animation video for kids to your little ones!

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Little chick  in the egg
I am ready to hug
Sleeping in the hay 
The egg is tiny

They are sleeping
Under the mother's wing
We are waiting to see you
Hatch hatch little eggs

See a hole in the egg
I heard a chirp chirp chirp
With its beak beak beak 
Chick made a hole in the egg

Oh little chicks 
I wanna hug you softly 
Yellow little chicks
You are so soft

What is your favorite 
See little chicks
What I have for u chicks
Wheat corn and grains

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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