Darling Darling Song

Little Dolly sets a good example by choosing fruit meal over junk food in this fun animation video for kids! Everybody in the home is hungry apparently, but mom has it covered! She has prepared pizza for her husband and Johny, yummy cupcakes for Chiya and cut fruits for Dolly. 

But when Dolly adorably asks for the fruits, mom explains how healthy they are for our health. Watch the complete video to see what made Johny and Chiya choose fruits meal just like Dolly!!

Encourage your tots to read food song lyrics scrolling down on the screen, so that they can sing along and enjoy this food song for toddlers to the fullest!

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Darling, Darling, yes sweety
Are you hungry? Yes sweety
Let's together eat, ha ha ha
Want some food? Yes sweety

I want a slice, Sure darling
Sweety, Sweety, yes darling
Eating pizza? Yes darling
I am feeling hungry, join us, baby,
Here is your slice, ha ha ha

Mommy, Mommy, Yes Johny
I need that cupcake, sure baby
I want pizza, sure baby
Here is your slice, ha ha ha
Is it tasty? Yes daddy

Daddy, Daddy, yes Chiya
Have it, baby, haha
Then have it, baby, ha ha ha

Chiya, chiya, yes dolly
I want those fruits, yes dolly
They are good for your health, yes mommy

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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