Animal Toys

Johny's daddy is back with another surprise to delight the kids - and this time, an educational one!

Watch till the end to see how Chiya, Dolly, and Johny gets to learn the names and sounds of animals with the help of this Cute animal video!

The daily routines, activities, food, and attributes of the animals are also conveyed in an excellent rendition in this 3D animation video.

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Come kids let's have a lot of fun
Come kids let's have a lot of fun
Let's make animals to back in the cage
Let's have a lot of fun 

I got a toy elephant stamp stamp stamp
I got a toy monkey jumping through the trees 
I got a toy lion roar roar roar

I got a toy zebra, grazing in the grass
I got a baby bear he is looking for his mom
I got a toy giraffe eating leaves from a tree
I got a toy rabbit having a carrot 

I got a toy horse he is ready for a race 
I got a toy cheetah he is ready to chase 

I got a toy hippopotamus stamp stamp stamp

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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