Babies Fun time

Get ready to make some fun with kids. Little Johny and family are having a bit of fun today. Daddy James is the primary atom of this chain reaction of the fun time. He begins by making sound by clapping. Continued by Emily and Johny, making various sounds using different body parts. 

Let’s have some leisure with your kids, also teach them different sounds by singing along with this action-packed video

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Clap clap  clap our hands
Open the hands and clap
Clap it clap it clap it clap it
Let's together clap our hand

Stamp stamp stamp our feet
Lift your feet and put it down
Stamp it stamp it stamp it stamp it
Let's together stamp our feet

Jump jump jump up high
Push your legs and jump up high
Jump up jump up jump up jump up
Let's together jump up high

Turn turn turn around
Rotate in a circular path
Turn around turn around turn around turn around
Let's together turn around

Shake shake shake our hands
Grasp one of each other's hands
Shake it shake it shake it shake it
Let's together shake our hands

Blink blink blink our eyes
Open and close it fast
Blink it blink it blink it blink it
Let's together blink our eyes

Lyrics Copyright: Traditional Rhymes

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