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How worried are you about your little one being a picky eater? Here is an amazing Healthy food for kids 3D animation video to avoid the struggles in your dining table. Avoid the hunger strikes of your kids by adding a little creativity and presentation skills to the healthy foods you make for your kids. Johny's mom Emily will help you with some incredible Healthy food for kids recipes ideas! Emily does the magic of cooking avocado, carrot, bananas and veggies in the most desirable way Johny likes them. Which child doesn't like muffins, puddings, pizzas, soups and pancakes! Turn their craving to your advantage!!

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Pizza, Pizza I like pizza
Filled with some vegetables
Pizza, Pizza yes yes yes
Always yes for eating pizza
Soup, Soup vegetable soup
I like to drink vegetable soup
Soup, Soup yes yes yes
Always yes for eating soup
Muffins, Muffins carrot muffins
Muffins are so Yummy, Yummy
Muffins, Muffins yes yes yes
Always yes, for eating muffins
Pancake, Pancake, Banana pancake
So yummy, and so healthy
Pancake, Pancake yes yes yes
Always yes, for eating pancake
Pudding, Pudding, chocolate
Avacado pudding So soft and so yummy Pudding,
Pudding yes yes yes
Always yes, for eating pudding

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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