Goose with the Golden Eggs

Sometimes it takes sad endings and unpleasant closures to learn great lessons. One such lesson is manifested in the most radiant way in this 3D animation video!

This video can be utilized to call out the greedy instincts right in the initial stage of character formation. The warning "greed begets greed" against the reckless drives is rationally portrayed in this story animation for kids!

Which child doesn’t love sleeping into a good bed time story? Let this be your tot’s favorite from today!! More moral stories coming soon!

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Bed time story bed time story

Its time for our bed time story

come dear children come dear children

See this goose that laid golden egg

yes yes grandma yes yes grandpa

We are eager to listen  your story.. (tune)

Once there lived a poor farmer

One day he found that

His goose is laying golden egg

He become soo happy(tune)

The next day when he went to the nest

He again got a golden egg..

He thanked the god for the goose he have

He became soo happy(tune)

 The goose laid the golden egg every day

Soon the farmer became rich by selling eggs

As the days passed

He became soo greedy...(tune)


He thought that if goose can lay egg everyday

Its inside must be full of gold

He with his wife decided to kill the goose

The greedy farmer...(tune)


He took a knife and cut the goose

The farmer shocked to find  its inside

There is nothing inside there is nothing inside

The greedy farmer cried (tune)


Oh dear children oh dear children

The moral  of this story is

Greed often  overreaches itself

Think before you act.

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist) 

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