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 Billion Surprise Toys is recognized globally as one of the topmost children entertainment learning brands. We are dedicated to helping children in learning and acquiring their dreams while having fun together. Through our research, we have figured out the problem’s children; especially kinder gardeners face when learning and we figured out ways to tackle them. Research has shown that children are often uninterested in learning when the words used are too complicated, or the learning process is uninteresting. Hence, using our content, we have effectively tackled these problems, stimulating the interests of children towards learning. 

 Our 3D animated learning contents are innovative and meet the standard requirements of learning materials all over the world. There are no limitations to the use of our content, as they are suitable for use in all countries around the globe with our inclusive language content, live-action, and live streaming. All of this contributes to our vision of making teaching and learning practical, simple, and fun for all.


 At Billion Surprise Toys, we are a modern media company, with a mission to provide quality, specifically targeted content to children. This is to make the screen time fun and educational for every child. To efficiently do this, we create 3D animation videos which are very entertaining and matched to the unique interests of each child. These videos are published on our YouTube channel and are easily accessible for viewing using all internet-enabled devices. Recognizing the power of technology on children behavior today, we decided to be a force of good, by positively using technology to impact the lives of children. Using music, one of the most powerful teaching tools, we create songs which are fun, easy to learn, and appropriately paced — thus providing parents with educational, engaging content targeted at improving the value of their children. To do this, we focus on bringing kindergarten to their doorsteps, making this content available at their fingertips. Recognizing that most children songs are often too difficult to use as teaching tools for children, we tasked ourselves with making learning more comfortable and fun. Hence, our content stimulates the interests of children, encouraging them to sing and dance to the foot-tapping numbers and engaging animations. By combining great music and colorful visuals in creating our video content, the interest of parents and teachers are stimulated, thus encouraging them to have fun along with their children.


 Our team is made up of world-class creative talents who are involved with creating the high-quality 3D animated learning content targeted at meeting the global learning requirements. Our team members are dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified professionals who create PG-rated, kid-friendly learning videos aimed at improving the learning capacity of every child. Our team also ensures that each video is not only targeted at children but enjoyed by people of all ages. Our creative talent is topnotch, and our management team has decades of experience under their belt. We use modern, technologically advanced techniques in creating our 3D animated videos. With the creative content created by our team, your child’s passion for learning is significantly improved.


 We put special care and attention into making each of our videos, to ensure that asides being child-friendly, the videos also fulfill their purpose of creation. This is to improve the knowledge of every child watching them; our animated children’s rhymes and songs are designed to strengthen the comprehensive and cognitive skills of toddlers. Our songs, originals, and classics are made simple to be understood by children of all ages. At Billion Surprise Toys, the songs and videos we create are highly demanded by parents and teachers as they make the learning process exciting and encourage the participation of children. We recognize the importance of basic education for children and we encourage it from a young age, by providing learning materials. Each video on our page builds memory and creativity skills in each child, stimulating their interest in education from a young age. 


 These super fun videos uploaded on our YouTube channel takes children on fun musical adventures introducing new friends such as Johnny, Ice-cream man, Gumball man and so on to children. To prevent the struggle of forcing kids to learn, we adopted the use of rhyming in creating our content. These rhymes are significant teaching mechanisms as they are fun, catchy, and easy to remember. We utilize new concepts and ideas in creating every video which inculcates values like sharing, kindness into each child. These values are necessary for the growth and development of each child. We create our videos with the understanding of the importance of cultivating awareness and appreciation of self and others in children of all ages. These videos teach children about mindfulness in a fun, engaging way. We hope that the messages conveyed in our music would are internalized and passed along to the next generation. Both children and parents have great fun singing and dancing along with us. Our videos stimulate the short attention span of young children, meaning that they get to participate rather than just sitting through it. They introduce early concepts such as ABC’s, counting, and coloring, developing the motor skills of every child. Each video we produce celebrates the positive power of music in the life of each child by sharing songs, exchanging ideas, and creating a community. 


 We specifically designed and upload every video with children in mind as the target audience. We recognize the importance of promoting education among children right from the toddler stage. Each content we create builds the self-esteem of each child, promotes respect and responsibility while also enhancing their learning capacity. Our videos are culturally inclusive and meet the standard required of all learning materials. We recognize that learning never stops and can go on anywhere. Our videos are not just limited to classroom use, but they can also be used at home and on the go. Our YouTube channel is child-friendly and anyone can find their way around.

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