This ever-curious little munchkin is 5 years old. His life revolves around his twin sister - Dolly and elder brother - Chiya. Johny is a curious child and soaks up every bit of new information through games and puzzles. He has an amazing memory and likes to help elders. Johny is exceptionally multi-talented and has been trying his hands at playing musical instruments, singing and painting!


Dolly is an adorable kid who is 5 years old. She is very profoundly affectionate towards her twin brother Johny and elder brother - Chiya. She like to swirl and sway to the songs Chiya sings and dress up as a little princess! Dolly likes to explore Nature, read and listen to tales. She loves surprises and spends time learning new colors, numbers, shapes and names with Johny and her friends.


Chiya is the best "7-year-old baby-sitter" you can find in the town! He goes extra miles to take care of his little twin siblings - Johny and Dolly. He wins them over every day with brilliant games and engaging songs. Chiya loves to read, play musical instruments, football and explore Nature. He sets a remarkable example by his devotion to help his parents and respect his grandparents.


Zayy is an adorable three-year old baby boy who is curious about everything around him. He is immensely interested in learning new things by exploring nature with his elder brothers and sister. He keenly observes everything and always asks questions to learn more. Zayy is fond of his cute toys and enjoys making friends with pets. He is Mommy's little pet and cuddles with her to listen to surprising stories and soothing lullabies. Zayy always looks forward to bedtime stories and longs to live in a fantasy world.


James lives happily with his wonderful family. He is a computer engineer and a well-read man in his 30s. He makes sure that he spends a good amount of time with his family to help his wife- Emily and teach his children. He loves surprising his kids with toys, games and family getaways. James is an exceptional photographer and snaps his family at every occasion. He makes time to take his kids for fun rides to beaches and to amusement parks!


Emily is a very sophisticated and successful homemaker. This creative mother of Chiya, Johny and Dolly cooks delicious food! puts efforts on veggies and fruits-stuffed-meals to encourage health-food-habits among kids and the ultimate go-to person if anyone at home is hurt with a scrape or down with a fever. Emily encourages her kids to learn new things, crafts and skills on a daily basis through pleasant songs and enticing games.

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