1What is Billion Surprise Toys?

Billion Surprise Toys is recognized globally as one of the topmost children entertainment learning brands. We are dedicated to helping children in learning and acquiring their dreams while having fun together.

2What is our vision through Billion Surprise Toys?

Our mission is to provide quality videos specifically targeted content to children filled with edutainment which promotes their knowledge and manners; also makes your parenting task easy.

3What is the content of our videos?

Our videos are child-centric 3D animation videos that strive to instill healthy habits, rational thinking, behavioral corrections and righteous perspectives in children. To double the retention span, we make use of a vibrant burst of colors, radiant 3D terrains and kaleidoscopic backdrops for pre-schooler’s animation videos. The videos also include nursery rhymes that kids can sing along and acquire knowledge.

4Where you can find our videos?

You can find our videos on YouTube and Amazon Kids

5Are our videos available in other languages?

Of course. Our videos are available in other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Portuguese through YouTube channels.

6Who are the creators of Billion Surprise Toys?

The copyright of the videos of billion surprise toys are owned by Animacast IT solutions, UAE and the videos are created by the We Bros Media LTD which is located in India, having an excellent team made up of world-class creative talents who are involved with creating the high-quality 3D animated learning content targeted at meeting the global learning requirements. Our team members are dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified professionals who create PG-rated, kid-friendly learning videos aimed at improving the learning capacity of every child. 

7Is there any inappropriate content on our videos?

As we completely focused on kids there is not any kind of inappropriate content in our videos that are harmful to them.

8Are our songs available in audio version?

Definitely, you can enjoy the audio version of our songs on Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Jiosaavn, Amazon Music, Spotify.

9What are the articles that we publishing are about?

The articles that we publish through our site is mainly based on parenting. We provide some easy techniques to support your parenting, how to treat your kids in various situations and make you a fabulous parent through our articles.

10Is Billion Surprise Toys Indian?

No. Billion Surprise Toys is run by Animacast IT Solutions, Dubai UAE. And the animations and content creations partnered with Webros Media LTD. It is the 68th most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 25+ million subscribers.

11Is Billion Surprise Toys available in social media?

Yes, of course, Billion Surprise Toys is available in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

12Who is the owner of Billion Surprise Toys?

Animacast IT Solutions, Dubai UAE

13What is the relationship of Billion Surprise Toys with Webros Media LTD?
The animations and contents are created by Webros Media LTD.

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