Value of Money

Make sure they covered basic math lessons in class.

After completing basic math lessons at school, take them to some reality games such as coin collection activities, classifying them, ordering them according to value, etc. This will give them a beginner's idea of how to get used to the money and its value in terms of hierarchy. They feel it with their hands and see it with their eyes. They can store this idea and easily understand the concepts of money calculation.

Have some money conversations with them

Make sure they know basic calculations, then take them to have some money conversations. Don't think they are kids but provide some basic understanding of how to spend money, the benefits of saving money, and its need to live in this world. Narrate incidents from your experience to boost the power of money in society. In line to this, also make sure you are not cultivating a greed for money in them.

Introduce some money in the form of toys.

Showing them such toy paper notes will help them learn about the denominations and understand money in terms of starting from the lowest to the highest values. They get used to it and learn calculations using it.

Take them shopping.

It will be fun and exciting for them if you take them shopping. It can be to grocery shops, textile shops, supermarkets, or anything else. Kids are great observers and learn things quickly. Involve them in shopping for fruits and vegetables, snacks, chocolates, and so on. Familiarize them with the price on packets when interacting with shopkeepers about the value of certain items. They will be able to easily connect this and apply it in the future in the appropriate situations.

Bring them to the banks.

Bring them with you if you're going to the bank. Let them know the banks, the basic procedures there, the purpose of visiting banks, etc. Tell them about the basic services banks provide and the importance of them in our lives. When such things were introduced to them, they began to develop a sense of self-confidence and a desire to act accordingly.

Buy them cute piggy banks

Encourage savings in your toddler by gifting piggy banks and other cute money-saving boxes. They would be motivated to fill it and increase their savings. Once in a while, open it to count their savings and appreciate them for their little efforts. This will bring wonders! You are instilling the habit of saving in them for life. They gradually learn the value of money and develop good habits to emulate.

Let them shop for themselves.

When they became good at saving money and began to realize its value, they would spend wisely. Give them a set amount of money and let them go shopping, keeping an eye on how much they spend and if they can save a little. If they are doing great and spending the money carefully, observing everything, they have learned how to spend money and handle it well.

There are a lot of ways that are convenient for you to teach your child about the value of money. It is critical today to teach your children fundamental lessons like this in order to shape a better future for them. They should grow up by understanding the current society and adapting to it for a better life.

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