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"My son is in class seven, and he is a super tech-savvy kid. Most of us asks tech related doubts and methods from him. He has a very attractive skill in handling modern technology and is aware of its benefits and uses. We only give him the tablets or mobiles in front of the family and check the browsing and history well. He hasn't misused it, and it also nurtures his learning abilities and memory.
                                                                                                                                   Mother of a 12-year-old

'Technology ruins his studies and play time." "He used to sit in front of the screen for a long time. He is now an expert in handling digital equipment. He created locks for several applications he uses and wastes his time playing games and scrolling through social media. He becomes aggressive when we deviate from that, and this technology is exploiting my son's childhood."
                                                                                                                                         Mother of a 10-year-old

The above two cases are two poles of the same subject. Technology's arrival was a revolution for humanity, and now advanced interventions are causing revolutions. But, thinking about the generation which grow with this are impacted immensely by these changes. They quickly adjust to the changes and are forced to adopt them in order to keep up. These digital upgrades, like a coin, have both a dark and a bright side. How we use it defines the impact of it in our life. In such a scenario, the alpha generation is exposed to advancements and change, and we must focus on them.

Let us look at the positive aspects of technology for children.

Access to more information

From the comfort of their own homes, children have access to a wealth of information and resources. Apart from studies, they are provided with different practical applications and put up with learning challenges, which helps them go the extra mile. Kids who are eager to know more are benefited mostly as they come up at the right place to load their brains with useful information. 

In addition to theories and conceptual classes, they are exposed to virtual demonstration classes and practical sessions, which enhance their thinking capability and can be thought provoking. Many online classes explain concepts using story methods, which make it easy for children to understand and learn quickly. 

An entertainment in leisure hours

For children, the digital world is a magical place where they can go to find anything. If screen time is limited, parents can suggest entertaining but useful digital activities. Children can be shown entertaining cartoons and shows, moral cartoons, stories and videos, and so on. Simply put, idle time can be filled with useful programs and information. 

Enhances the language skills.

Several applications are now available for improving the language skills of children. For kids who are younger than five years and preschoolers can be shown short moral cartoons and stories to improve their language and understanding capabilities. The digital world provides age-appropriate learning materials for children.

Widen the horizons!

Today's children are open to new cultures, languages, traditions, and ways of life. They will learn about the facts and histories of places around the globe. They can persuade values and morals from many. Eye-catching sights, visuals, and wonders would make them amused and cherished for all the digital facilities they have. 

Digital world also has a dark side which every parent should take care of from attacking their kids. Let us have a look into the negative aspects of technology. 

Little movement 

As they are provided with video games and more online activities, they began to quit physical games and gatherings. Before this technology, children used to play with their peers and utilize physical places which contributes immensely to their mental and physical health. With the arrival of technology, a group shrinks to one person, and a physical playground is limited to a single living space. 

Obesity problems increase.

Screen time switches off movements, which in turn doubles the body weight of kids. Lack of physical play affects the health problems and is now popping up as a future danger. Mealtime, snack time, study time, and playtime all result in inactivity, making today's children vulnerable to overweight, obesity, and other physical syndromes.

Possibilities for misuse and overuse

There is a huge possibility for misuse of the digital facilities by a kid, as they are not aware of their pros and cons and can easily get trapped and influenced by several fraud platforms and websites. The studies carried out recently shows a hike in child pornography and related threats. 

Early vision problems

Increased screen time and use may tragically result in eyesight issues and vision problems in children at a young age. It may last a lifetime. They need to depend on supporting aides to cope with the defect, which may continue forever. 

widening relationship gaps

With an increase in technological advancements, the relationship gap also widens among family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else connected to their lives. They get addicted to smart phones and sophisticated technologies and spend time wandering in them. Exploration turns to addiction, and it may lead to communication and emotional problems with the surrounding people.

 Let's discuss solutions for such problems.

  1. Allow kids to browse and use social media platforms in front of parents or provide a space for them in the living area.
  2. Make them aware of both benefits and drawbacks of digital media.
  3. Guide your kids on what to do and not to.
  4. Inform them about the dangerous pitfalls hidden in digital media platforms.
  5. Provide them a fixed time daily to spend on the internet and other games online.
  6. Know their needs and advise them to follow beneficial sites that help them in learning and for useful outcomes.
  7. Develop an interest in them for watching skill-enhancing courses and classes.
  8. Develop a routine for some physical play or exercise to ensure their health.

" A healthy usage always brings a positive result".

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