Grandpa's Little kid

"I love my granny." She always makes me feel special when I am with her. She prepares my favorite dishes, gives me pocket money, and tells so many cute stories. It was from her that I learned about the family tree. She was a school headmistress and knows well how to treat kids. I used to hear so many fairytales and moral stories from her. She taught me about values in family relationships and the importance of helping others. After I grew up, the bond remained the same. She is a love of my life."

A grandparent-grandchild relationship is a valuable and congenial one. The sweetness, love, and care they have for each other are priceless. Being a granny's or grandpa's kid is a bliss. 

The role of grandparents in a child's emotional development

Who can beat the role of grandparents in the upbringing of their grandchildren? Some families have lost their grandparents or may be living apart. But, if observed, a child living with grandparents seems to be more active, happy, and calm. Nowadays, parents are struggling to spend time with their young ones. The presence of grandparents can balance such an absence to a great extent. They take care of the child without any hesitation, look after all their needs, and listen to all their little things. 

If your kid had a bad day at school, he will be disappointed, stressed, and mentally down. In such situations, grandparents can deal with them and handle them well. The children regard their grandparents as the first people to contact in the event of a problem, and they believe they would listen to all their issues. Sharing their little grievances reduces their stress and disappointment. If you are living abroad or have any issues with in-laws or parents, do not drag your kid into all this; always try to connect them. You may be busy with work, daily chores, and life. The young ones always need attention, care, and a happy place to share everything. If not, this will affect their emotional stability. 

Today, it's easy to connect with family and friends via internet facilities. So, encourage a daily conversation with your grandparents and your kid. Let them grow up enjoying everyone's love.

Your toddler's confidante

Kids are always attention seekers; they like when somebody is always there to listen to them. Grandparents are always such people. They began to happily share every detail of their daily lives with granny and poppa. They anticipate appreciation, a kind word, or encouragement. The old ones can easily give it to them as they are emotionally very well connected. They will see a reflection of their parenthood when growing up with the grandkids, enjoying each happy moment and cute fight with them.

Such children show better behavior and social skills and interact very well with elders and society. Kids began to trust the bond they share with their grandparents. Honesty, trust, integrity, loyalty, and many more values are shared and learned this way. Being a confidante to your child implies that those people are completely dedicated to children.

Connecting link to Know the family history

Our grandparents are the connecting link that helps us learn about our family ancestors. They used to tell many stories and share experiences they had, with the kids. Gradually, strong family bonds and values are inculcated in the little minds. Through this, they are also learning how to work on relationships and keep them alive and strong. The young ones develop a deeper understanding of the bonds shared in a family and learns how to handle an issue that breaks out within that.
They learn to overcome any struggles or hard situations in the future that can have a long-lasting effect on a loving family relationship.

Guide them in every life situation

In a difficult situation, grandparents can offer their perspectives to the child. They have acquired wisdom and years of life experience. Proper advice and support that helps them navigate to the best alternative way is made possible by the grandparents. When a kid feels pressure to do something he doesn't like or to choose a path his heart never desires, grandparents are the ones they will approach to make it alright. Sometimes they can bridge the miscommunication between parents and kids. 

Teaching new skills 

The memories of being with grandparents will always be profound and heartfelt. Retrieving the moments leads us to new life lessons. Some may recoup memories of baking together with Granny, gardening or crafting with Grandpa, etc. They help us learn new skills to utilize in life. Always do something to make the kid a better person to survive in every situation that may come up at different phases. They introduce new paths to be followed and lead them to a better way to grow. 

Make them strong for happier lives

They became role models for staying active, positive, and hopeful in life. Their positivity and cheerfulness keep the kids alive and happy all the time. If they feel low, the grandma or grandpa will make them okay soon. They learn to make strong decisions in life, to not pass judgement on others, to evolve from basic societal grounds, to adapt to new cultures, and to blossom as lovely children.

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