Know your Sensitive Pal

She did it so quickly! I was shocked and stuck. I saw her like this for the first time. She burst out at me and threw the tab onto the floor. I didn't understand the reason for such intolerable behavior. Later, when she sat calmly, I went to her and talked. A small incident that happened at school made her act this way. Her friends mocked her for having low scores in one subject. This made her feel ashamed and embarrassed and explode before me. But I sit with her, make her feel good, prepare her favorite food, and encourage her to do better in the next tests. She felt happy and relaxed after this and thanked me with a hug.”

Try to understand your sensitive pal.

Handling a highly sensitive kid is a challenging task! Your little pal may be the one who screams in public, embarrasses others, and makes you feel ashamed sometimes. Some parents got desperate at the very next moment and yell at them. This only worsens the situation. Remember, It's your kid! The frustrations and stress you experience are the same those your child is experiencing. Understand them, they get overwhelmed in every situation, it could be over excitement, happiness, disappointments, fear, or physical things such as loud noises, strong lights, specific smells, etc. Be with them and encourage to calm down, talk in patience and listen to their reasons for being sensitive.

Accept them in their way.

Do not force them to change their personality. It is better if you can alter the bad behaviors by dealing with them in a good way. Tantrums hit like waves, sometimes they can explode like a volcano, but accepting their sensitivity only helps to curb them to a great extent. Focus on teaching them to deal with their fluctuating tantrum modes, emotional instability, and feelings. It's not a good idea to restrict or discourage them from experiencing big feelings. They are unique as they live in each moment, grabbing all its essence and beauty.

Discipline is a strategy

As a parent, it's important to recognize that being sensitive is not a bad or intolerable trait. Giving them time can help them evolve into socially acceptable characters. Being less strict with them won't work, so choosing a discipline strategy fit for your child is highly essential. Setting appropriate limits for every matter would work. Try to be flexible, that's how you get the desired result from your tot. It's effective to choose a discipline strategy between being highly strict and more lenient.

Downtime matters!

Your kid needs peaceful and quality time alone to be calm and get relaxed. They may show irritability towards get-togethers, parties, or functions with a crowd. Do not force them to come with you and ignore their fears and feelings. Provide them a space where they can sit in peace and busy reading their favorite books or listening to music, etc. Create your super kid a spot to enjoy his lovely world!

Acknowledge each little effort.

They might fail, fall, or feel low at times, but you have to take care of them in every situation. A consoling hand, a kind word, and a caring hug will all matter. There will be times when their hard work doesn't pay off but make them feel like it's okay and encourage them to continue the hard work. Teach them honesty, integrity, kindness, and other values of life. Sensitive kids are more compassionate, kind, and lovable. Nourish it with more love and care!

Avoid Negative comparisons.

Most parents unnecessarily compare their kids with their peers, friends, or anybody. But the fact they forget is that their kid may be excellent in some other way. Try to focus on that! Some unique characteristics and skills are vested in your toddler. Find it and nourish it in all ways. Comparison builds a negative impact on the kids as they develop low confidence in doing anything and get disappointed and emotionally down often. Always concentrate on the positives of your child to make them a strong person.

Let them deal with their emotions.

Let your kids deal with their emotions by themselves. Provide them with quiet time to feel comfortable and calm. It's better if they can find out the basic problem and try to get over it. Talk about your emotions and make them understand their mood swings and tantrums, make them feel like it's normal and everybody experiences different situations. Help them identify tools that can comfort them and make it easier for them to get over it, such as playing a video game, going for an outdoor play, going for a day out, etc.

Bring your sensitive kids out of their comfort zone.

Mostly, sensitive kids are stuck inside the revolving comfort zone around them. They fear the outside world and always try to intrude there. Encouraging them to break all their insecurities will make them strong and serious to approach any situation. In this way, you are helping your kid experience the world and learn things from it. Put conscious effort into bringing them outside their comfort zone and allowing to explore the mix of feelings they are experiencing here.

Ensure proper sleeping time for them.

For your sensitive tattletale, healthy sleeping time is very important to maintain mental stability and energy. They are easily prone to emotional breakdowns and triggers. Getting essential sleep can heal any stress and fears they have. This can make them feel refreshed, calm, and relaxed enough to think about anything and act accordingly. For both physical and mental energy, adequate rest time should be ensured.

Some of the positive comments you can assure your child are,

She can do it for sure.

He will be ready when the time comes.

She will do it better than before.

She dares to do it.

He is just a little thoughtful.

She loves her quiet time.

He can do many productive things.

She is okay.

These are some of the affirmations you can use to strengthen and motivate your sensitive kid to outperform and boost their confidence to face any challenges and hurdles.

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