How to make the tub-time happy and safe for toddlers

A bath can be as soothing and calming to the baby too, as they seem to us at the end of a hectic day! So, why not letting them make the most out of their baths? So many concerns crop up as we talk about how frequently we need to bath babies. They definitely do not need a hair wash on everyday unless they get too dirty on digging the mud! This frequency should be addressed by your doctor but maybe we have other tips to help you with! Make sure you follow the quick steps we have narrowed down for you for a safe and happy toddler bath time:

Quick check to avoid accidents

Look for slippery floors and sharp edges in the washroom before taking the kid inside. Cover the edges and faucets with soft shields to prevent baby getting hurt. 

Ideal temperature of bath water

37°C to 38°C is the recommended warmth of water for toddlers to bath in. Make sure that the warmth is not too hot or too cold for the baby.

Assemble the necessary things in close proximity

Make sure that the clean bath towel, clothes, moisturizers and lotions are in one-hand distance. Baby will be needing them right after the bath and you don’t want your little one to freeze even for a second.

Baby cleansers instead of soaps

The soaps will dry out the baby skin. The best alternative is a pH neutral baby cleanser. The soft on skin lotions and moisturizers which are baby-friendly can be applied right after the bath to prevent drying of baby skin.

Go from head to toe

Along with taking care to avoid soap getting into their eyes, the gentle rubs should follow a top to bottom direction. The massages can be done in the same way as well using the baby oils and cleansers.

Up the fun factor

Make sure that you fill the tub with enough toy floats, bathing salt or a toy partner to excite the bath time for the tots. Preschoolers can be enticed with waterproof books and little siblings too

Never leave the baby alone

There are all chances to get a doorbell or phone call while we bath the tots but never leave the baby alone in the washroom. There are too many fears associated with the bath and we don’t want to make it worse for the toddler. 

Make baby comfortable with the water

Make sure that the baby doesn’t watch much of gushing water filling in, as that can scare them. Many tots have expressed a fear of drowning with water as we unplug the bath drain. It is advised not to fill in or release water in the baby’s presence.

Pat our baby instead of drying them with towel rubs

Instead of wiping the drops off, we need to pat the baby skin gently so as to absorb the water completely. This should be done quickly but again, we have to be soft on their skin.

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