Make a move on CHESS

Bring your kids to play the mastermind chess game. Firstly, teach them the instructions of the game and then introduce each chess piece and its moves. Gradually your kid finds interest in it and builds concentration and thinking levels. Through practice, they excel in tactical moves and building strategies. Your kid's visual, analytical, and mathematical skills get enhanced.

Roll your RUBIK'S CUBE

This game generates curiosity in your child. Playing this helps their mental coordination and also sharpens their memory power. Make them understand that this game would fasten their problem-solving skills and the processing of thoughts. Present them this cube and explain the game that it takes time to win but to memorize each step and go ahead. This boosts their confidence and will learn to adopt patience in any situation.


Make your tots happy by playing Sudoku with them. This is a 9*9 grid game with digits 1 to 9. Each row and column is to be filled with all the numbers from 1 to 9. it makes kids smart in solving complex problems and anticipating things in a better way. They develop a critical thinking style on every matter they come up with.

Build your words in SCRABBLE

Let your kid learn vocabulary. Promote them to play this game in groups. When playing in a group the kid interacts with the co-players which improves their social skills. It helps to learn new words and their meanings. Motivate when they find out any new word and practice the child to discuss the word meaning within the group and make the game a learning platform.

Step up with JENGA

The tipsy topple Jenga tower game not only entertains kids but develops a lot of skills in them. Introduce this game to your little one and develop an interest in it. Getting involved in the game, they become a keen observer and do only planned moves. They become responsive and a careful strategist.


Charge your kid's brain with the puzzling crossword puzzle game. The hint makes them search for the answer, this causes them to develop an excitement to learn new things, also the new facts improve their general knowledge. If they are engaged to play this game with family or friends, communication can be boosted and a mental connection can be built. It indirectly helps to build good social skills and verbal skills.

While discussing the games we need to know both their advantages and disadvantages


1The learning skills of kid gets enhanced and capable to improve their concentration levels.

2. The kid develops attention and focuses on studies and other activities.

  • 3. Thinking capabilities and understanding get improved.

  • 4. They became capable to find strategies and measures of their own for complex tasks.

  • 5. The mathematical skills, verbal skills, language skills, and problem-solving skills get modified and improved.


  • 1. They face disappointment and frustration when they lose the game.

  • 2. They show a tendency to spend a lot of time in the game when failed.

  • 3. When involved only in the game they show reluctance in interacting with family and friends.

  • 4. Chance of developing a competitive mentality in anything they involve.

  • 5. They show laziness in engaging in Physical activities and games.


  • 1. Explain and understand to them that it takes some time to win the game and advice them that instead of getting frustrated gain hope and go ahead.

  • 2. Try to know about their favorite game. A kid who loves chess may not love to scrabble. So, know your kid's choice and engage them in it.

  • 3. Provide a fixed time as playtime. Give them the game kit and things in this time and make sure they utilize the time well.

  • 4. If you found your kid is disappointed in the game, stop the game and console him and take him to play outside or divert to their favorite cartoons or games.

  • 5. Engage them in physical activities and games to make them feel refreshed and active. This helps reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration in them.

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