Art of craft at school

Schools should provide a specific time for craft-making and creative learning. This is inevitable because it molds the artist and innovator in kids. This creative learning experience helps in the character formation of kids to a great extent, also with peers and teachers, the kid learns collaboratively different styles of learning which in turn helps in building social relations. A classroom atmosphere is appropriate for bringing up artists and shaping them more attractively.

"well you can't teach poetry, but you can teach the craft" - David Hockney

Create your dream catchers

Craft your ideas to create things you love to see, things you wish to exist, and things that make you happy. Your imagination can be a reality through crafting. Spending quality time for craft making will provide refreshment to kids' minds and memory. After a long and bored routine kid needs to become involved in some resourceful activities, crafting is such an activity that opens up a door for effective mindfulness and artistic discovery.

Step to child development

Arts and crafts play a significant role in influencing the mental and emotional well-being of a child. In kids, it is the growing and developing stage of the brain in absorbing several skills and concepts such as mathematical skills, creativity skills, language skills, understanding, and learning skills. During this stage, artistic and unique ideas get entwined into them which brings out their best version of creativity and thoughtfulness. Craft time replaces idle time with something productive, that generates a feeling of satisfaction, pride, and positivity.

Experience with vibrant colors

The splash of colors, random drawings, and a bunch of paper cuttings define the kids crafting area. crafting can be messy when seen but it determines the interest of a child in exploring new things such as recognizing colors, attempting to create shapes, building unique ideas, etc. So, promote the kid in doing crafts and drawings and helps them develop self-identity and self-confidence in facing a variety of life challenges and problems.

Divert kids from the screens

Most of the time kids roll over their time by scrolling over mobile phones, watching television, playing music, etc. it is important to turn their attention to fruitful activities, which should be worthful and mind-catching. Doing crafts is one such striking art that pushes the kids to participate. Craft time makes them more keen, focused, and inventive. Looking at television, laptop and mobile screens for a long can cause mental and physical health problems in children, this danger can be tackled by involving kids in arts, drawings, paintings, and crafts.

Let's know about the benefits of craft making

         1. Physical Benefits

  • Creation of hands and fingers

    The movement of hands and fingers creates magical crafts and drawings. The fingers flow according to what the mind says. The picture in mind is bloomed on paper by hand movements. This physical activity helps make the child's hand movements flexible, to strengthen muscles, and to gain control over movements. It can also be considered as an exercise for the kids to rotate their hands, moving their arms, and fingers.

  • It's a hand-eye coordination

    The kid who is involved in the craft will slowly develop overall coordination and control over their movements and physical activities, especially hand-eye coordination. Their concentration level gets built when started in the early stages. Engaging them in crafts and creative works from an early age increases their keen attention and this, in turn, helps them to excel in several other activities like sports, swimming, etc.

  • Stimulate and sharpen the senses

    The kid began to recognize things, creatures, shapes, colors, etc. Through arts and crafts, they became aware of different colors by visualizing them. The shapes and patterns are identified by both visualizing and physical touch. Crafting with learning provides the kids to learn both living and non-living things around them. For example, a kid who is learning to make a paper rabbit learns about the features of a rabbit, and then they recall it when doing or recognize it while watching.

    2. Cognitive Benefits

  • Nurture creativity

    Creativity is a skill that develops only when productively utilized. Crafting is an art that helps in sprouting unique ideas and gradually nurturing their creativity. The growth stage of younger brains is ready to intake new things, in such a stage, introducing creative and thought-provoking ideas charges the creative skills of kids.

  • Develop a super memory

    'Super craft for super memory'. Doing crafts enhance learning in children. The kid becomes better at understanding and storing different aspects they learned through crafting. They could store and recollect colors, shapes, animals, birds, and several things they have worked on.

  • Improves skills in decision making

    Solving artistic problems and challenges helps your child to cope with every situation and in making wise decisions at the appropriate time. In the learning stage itself, they face challenges while crafting. For example, they would face problems in identifying suitable colors, fixing shapes, arranging things, etc. Gradually they learn it and correct mistakes to reach their best version.


  •          3. Emotional Benefits

  • Enjoy fun learning together

    Learning is always exciting and effective with family and friends. Together we can integrate factual learning with fun. Craft making can also be fruitful when done with your family and friends. It creates curiosity in kids and can create a positive environment for discovering new things and crafting ideas. Collaborative learning can contribute to the development of language, creativity, and belonging.

  • Express yourself

    If your kid is having a character of hiding feelings and emotions, they can be introduced to craft making and learning. Crafting brings out the hidden emotions in a kid. They found it to be a happy way to express their thoughts, imaginations, and emotions.

  • Boost confidence

    Pushing up your kid's confidence is a difficult task when done improperly. Doing it the right way brings a remarkable change in your kid's confidence. Creating a desired level of confidence is vital for every kid to break their comfort zone and experience new challenges. Crafting gives the kid a chance to boost up their confidence, and give a feeling of pride, satisfaction, and recognition which makes them capable of facing any life challenges.

Tips to encourage kids in craft

  • Create a personal craft space for them

    Arrange the space with their favorite colors, paper, and craft books.

  • Spend quality time with the kids

    Parents should guide them in a fruitful way that will create good communication and understanding.

  • Gift them craft items

    Kids love surprises and it also motivates them. By gifting craft books, colors, shapes, etc., you become a part of their creative artist journey.

  • Show interest in their crafts

    Appreciate their effort in doing something creative and encourage them to explore more.

  • Let it be fun and joyful

    Make craft time loaded with lots of fun, new findings, and discoveries.

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