Fun mom's phrases for communication

You want to appreciate your kids - but do not want to overdo it to spoil them; You want to discipline them - But you don’t want to hurt him or belittle him!! How often do you find yourself drifting between these two situations? We have narrowed down some appropriate communicative ideas to help you at different junctures:

  1. “Don't sweat the small stuff! I found it hard to master when I was a kid like you, you will get better at it”
  2. “I've given it some more thought, and I am going to say no. This is not good for your health”
  3. “We need to sleep; Your body needs some rest so you can grow strong and healthy”
  4. “What you did was very generous; We should always help the needy”
  5. “You just showed what it means to be a creative kid! That’s such a beautiful painting”
  6. “You're great with paints; You will make a great artist someday!”
  7. “Don't give up; You are stronger than this!”
  8. “If you can’t tidy up the mess you created, you won't be able to find them the next day, when you want to play with your toys”
  9. “Seems like you had a wonderful day; Tell me more about it!”
  10. “Which book would you like me to read to you today?”
  11. “I would like to give your sister a turn please, give that toy for a while”
  12. “How can I help you to do your homework? Or do you want to do it in your own way”
  13. “It's nearly time to go, start saying bye to everyone”
  14. “I love you, but at the same time I don’t want you to hurt your friends. Be a good kid and share your toys with them”
  15. “What do you think you could do to help your brother feel better about the fight you two had?”
  16. “I can see that you’re trying hard, you are almost there!”
  17. “You were a real help today, thanks for making my day easy”

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