I still remember being lazy for brushing my teeth. Now, I'm brushing my teeth twice a day, and I'm grateful to my parents for making it a good habit for me”- Anonymous, 16 year old.

Wash the Germs Away

Washing hands are the basic habits one should teach their kids. Due to the recent events of Covid 19, everyone is alerted to wash their hands for more than 1 minute. So, promote washing your kid's hands after contact with the outside world. This can be encouraged with fragrant handwash. Your tiny tot will frequently wash their hands to smell the odor and educate kids about germs on every surface, which will alarm them to clean their hands often.

Like washing hands, keeping one's face away from dirt is also essential. Due to more pollution, faces get dumped with dirt real fast. So, it's important to keep an eye on your tot's face sometimes. Use clean water to wash their face. Usage of soaps on kids can be avoided. Kids always experiment with something that can affect their faces. If washing their face is made a habit, they know that keeping their face mucky is not good for them.

Cleansing is my favorite hobby.

Nothing can be compared to the relieved body after a good shower. You feel fresh and also clean. Kid's showers can be made fun of with shower bombs and water toys. Make sure your kids clean all parts of their bodies. Teach them about different body parts and how they should be cleaned. So once they are independent, they know what to do.

Showering can be a fun habit. Like, add their favorite toys in the shower. Play the music where they can sing aloud with the shower.

Brushing teeth is one activity that gets rid of countless germs that enter our bodies. It is advised to brush the teeth twice daily. This way, a limit of germs can be destroyed. Another act that is promoted is cleaning the mouth after eating. One way to welcome the kids into brushing is by buying them cute cartoon brushes or getting the ones they prefer from the supermarket.

The villain of the story

Bacteria can enter our bodies by several means. There are good as well as bad germs. But no good germ is good for kids. Bacteria are everywhere, just like the air. But we can purify our surroundings with many things in many ways that kill the presence of germs.

One of the ways is by nails, and they grow faster. It is important to check up on the kid's nails because they won't pay much attention to them. The dirt inside the nails can reach the kid's stomach, which may upset them. Trim the nails every week without letting them grow (not even an inch). We know kids; they explore everything. Biting nails tend to be addictive, and it reveals psychological characteristics. Don't let them get into the habit of biting nails.

Kids' bodies are covered with bacteria when they are sick. It's necessary to take extra care during those days. For example, a hot shower is good when the kid is sick because they feel warm, and germs are washed away too.

Clean surroundings

Environmental cleanliness is another factor that affects the hygiene of kids. Let the kids clean the room when they are capable of doing so. This will make their life so much easier and bring out the best interests of cleaning one's home. Cleaning one's environment adds benefits to human health as well.

Food directly enters our mouth, which is to be noted that only clean food should be consumed. The child tends to eat their favorite chips that fell on the floor, which might have caught the germs. Moreover, Use cleaned utensils to cook food. The food that has been served for quite some time may not be a good choice. Considerably, note that your kids eat when the food is served hot.

For the love of healthy food

Instead of familiarizing the kids with junk foods, Let them have the best of tasty fruits and veggies. Also, Cooking together and having a meal together can change the whole mood. Acquainting the kids with grocery shopping can let them know which one's the healthy veggie rather than picking the good-looking one.

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