The subtle art of mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of the present, whether an individual is doing something or doing nothing. It is a state where one is conscious of the surroundings without overreacting to them. 

Mindfulness is when one knows their thoughts are and feels calm in a restless situation. Mindfulness wears off the unwanted tension that grows in one's mind. Once you gain the power of being in the present, you won't trade that kind of peace for purposeful tension.

Mindful kids

It boosts kids' concentration even when there is a butterfly to distract them. Teaching children mindfulness can benefit them in a plethora of ways. They remain calm in an unrealistic situation. This article mentions some practices to let the kids be their minds teacher at a very young age.

It is notable that children are on the journey of understanding everything, and they're not even halfway through it. So it's normal for kids to be like kids in a way. However, mindfulness brings a tiny touch of relaxation to their restless mind.

Benefits in kids

·  Their mind becomes less traffic.


·  Level of concentration incline.

·  Boost their performance.

·  Gain clear insight.

·  Less interrupting thoughts.

·  They find beauty in every little thing.

Practice mindfulness with your kids

·  One practice that humans love is the art of observation. We observe everything, with small details, beautiful, ugly, whatever name you call, we perceive everything but get distractions all the time without really celebrating. So you can give your kid something to spot for some time. Tell them what they observed and reward them. They will find beauty in everything they see, which is an excellent way to start.

·  Practice meditation, Your kid won't do meditation if you ask them to because it's normal for kids to find it boring. So be a role model. Kids are curious about everything their parent does. So if you find them being interested, let them join you and make them meditate. 

·  Let them concentrate on how their belly moves when meditating, how well they breathe; add a bit of soft music to it, and it's very normal if they fall asleep in the first attempt. 


·  Get them a mindful hobby. You can send them to yoga training at a young age. It will become a habit that they continue doing for a peaceful mind. Getting them a vacation from their busy life is very much preferred. Take them to a calm place where they can enjoy nature's beauty to its fullest.

·  Let them listen to calm music the first thing in the morning. It's a different feeling waking up to a soothing voice that infiltrates their mind. Waking up calm can actually make a big difference in the rest of the day.

·  Reading is a good habit that encourages mindfulness that lets you concentrate on a single thing and focus on the material. And there is a story to dive into. So don't forget to make this a habit for your children. Let them choose the books they're fond of. 

·  Let them practice focusing on something daily like music, a flower, the sea, anything that their eye catches. You won't feel any difference at first. But eventually, you feel your kid is less stressed, more concentrated, and least distracted.  

The influence of consciousness is to wake up to the inner systems of our psychological, physical, and spiritual activities. Mindfulness aims to give attention to the present moment. The mind perceives peace that they tend to crave for that moment of peace. 

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