5 tricks every mom should know to undo picky-eating in kids!

Are you done and dusted trying your best, to get your little one to have healthy food on a daily-basis? How about "snack"-ing the veggies and essential ingredients with the right pop of colors to fetch their attention? Maybe you should try these 5 tricks before you give up the battle! Make their food super-flavorsome with these tips, bring back the harmony back to your dining-table! 

Presentation matters

Master a few food-styling tricks to get this going. Put a tad bit effort to make an animal face out of the sandwiches and cut-fruit platters. Experiment with the mashed, spread and sliced textures of veggies and fruits and make it appealing for the kid! Choose a blend of two colorful fruits for smoothies, a pretty topping on the meals and a vibrant dessert. This will make it hard for him/her to say no!

Get them involved

Let them play a little with the dough, smash some fruits with their tiny fingers! No, we are not advising to let them go near knives or oven. But they can play a little with the mixing and presentation part. They are more likely to eat that dish, after having helped you to cook it for them! As you cook, try communicating the benefits of each ingredient in a non-preachy manner to increase their excitement.

Find healthy alternatives

Junk food can be replaced by changing the ingredients a bit! You can start on this by working on the pizza! They say 9 out of the 10 kids tend to pick pizza over everything else! So here is the trick – Pizza crust, the sauce, and cheese can all be replaced with healthy substitutes! The delicious carrot muffin, the yummy banana pancake can all replace the gluttons. 

Maintain a small vegetable garden

What could be more gratifying than seeing your little ones helping a hand in plucking the fresh crispy veggies from the garden and have them eaten later in the dinner table? Yes, the vegetable garden in your backyard can really get your kid to eat the veggies! He will be amazed all the time about the fruits and vegetables he collected so that he will end up eating them, anyway!

Add the right pop of colors

Go for Natural food colorings if vibrant fruits are not enough! This can stimulate their appetite in no time! Beets, turmeric, carrots are all great sources of healthy colors. The fruit packed desserts and puddings can be made way more attractive by color coordinating them a bit! Make them fall for the in-house irresistible rainbow platters! 

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