Have you ever been amazed to see some parents and their children share a special bond, just like they're friends? Even though there is no perfect way of parenting; there are some tips to attain a unique connection with your child. So be their friend with a dip of care.

Be available for them.

I know this isn't as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you turn a blind eye towards your kid due to work stress or family matters. They always look for you whenever they need you. And if you're not available for them, It'll become a habit that they know you're busy. But priority matters, right? Let your kids know that they come first before anything else. And make up to the time you made them feel bad.

There is no time to regret later. So, be there for the kids when they need it the most. The beautiful time that's spent in childhood is going to be among their core memories. Make it count.

Know more about your kids

Parenthood comes with many responsibilities, and let's reduce this by knowing them and what work's for them. So first, know your kid, their best friend, favorite food, favorite place, things they like to do in their free time. Okay, not only that, act accordingly. By that, I mean ordering their favorite food before them, so they know you remember that. Just like that, take them to their favorite place and have a chat.

Support them whenever they need a hand. Their ambition may not be the one that you planned for them, and that's okay. Research about it to help them know more and letting your kid know that you're there for them is an important aspect.

Plan surprises

Everyone likes surprises because there are a lot of emotions coming on the way when you don't know anything, but there is something. Surprises work for your kids as well. Plan something for them other than their birthdays, like a sudden picnic with everyone's favorite food. Maybe random gifts when they're feeling low.

Surprise gifts improve your connection with the kid. It's a sign that lets the kid know you're thinking about them. And it's a beautiful feeling to watch your tots smile!  

Let them know you

Kids are always curious about their parent's childhood. Introduce the games you played when you were a kid. Tell them funny incidents that happened in your childhood. Don't make it boring by over-explaining it. Make it short. They'll ask for more if they're interested. 

Make your kid love to spend time with you. Whenever they lend a hand in something, introduce them with some knowledge regarding the small matters. They'll be eager to learn new things from you.

Explore together

Inaugurate new hobbies like gardening, Coloring a book, crafting, reading. Also, you can buy them interesting games and books that buds amusement in them. Okay, now, Stop there. Don't just cover the same gifts on them. Try everything. They'll let you know their interests. 

Your kid might amuse you by bringing something you've never heard. Don't be discouraged. Learn with them and explore more.

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