Dear mom,

This is to make you reconsider some facts you might be long forgotten. You are the sweetest, selfless, and strongest with all those beautiful and natural flaws, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. I wonder how you were juggling all your personal matters and your responsibilities like a pro?

I can now understand how suffocating and overwhelming it is sometimes to wear a super mom's cape and pretend to be the coolest and high achieving. Hustles and never-ending demands of household chaos from sleepless nights, diaper changing, household chores, dinner making, homework help fix doctor's appointments, errand-running, and many more. Motherhood is pretty busy.

Have you ever felt the point where you think you started losing your self and identity while being a mother? Apparently, no one knows when exactly it happens. But almost every mom experiences the sense of losing their identity during the journey of motherhood.

Do you remember the last time you've had your little 'alone-time,' read a book you've always wanted to, pushed yourself working hard for that promotion, booked a saloon appointment, had lunch out with your close friends, took a nap when you wanted to or meditated? You were expected to consider other people when deciding and gladly kept all your wants and needs on the back burner.

Your life is not what it's used to be. You had long conversations with your colleagues, you loved your professional life, and you were a social butterfly. It would have been definitely confusing when you realize things that made your life unique do not exist anymore. And you wouldn't don't have a clear idea to fix it.

It is wonderful and different to be a mother and experience motherhood. But with it comes several drastic changes that changed your priorities and your identity. Losing the sense of who you are and forget the idea of what you are destined for. Because your whole life seems to revolve around your kids and their needs and well-being. It is motherhood that made you selfless, strong, more patient, caring, forgiving, and responsible. But mom, your life has got broader meanings to it. Redefine yourself and expect good changes.

Mom, I know you hardly manage to find time to hit the pillow, but please stay in touch with your self. Please try connecting your identity, hobbies, and what you expect from life. Taking care of yourself is essential, and when I say this, trust me, mom. Not prioritizing your sleep or physical needs, skipping doctor's appointments, or ignoring mental health matters. Please do not demote yourself. Not taking care of yourself in favor of your family's needs doesn't help anyone in the family.

I want you to set simple, realistic goals like attending a concert, meeting an old friend, watching a movie, or even having your alone time, and fulfilling it by planning and scheduling likewise to motivate your confidence and happiness in being you, yourself. Every discovery you make about yourself is essential, and make it in your head that does not let anything affect your personality.

Rediscovering your identity can possibly be best done by people who love you and whom you love. They need you, and you need them in life, so talk to them more often, share and express your feelings and emotions with them. Let that be your spouse, your best friend, your cousin, your parents, or anyone who stays close to your heart. Right people can nourish you from deep down.

Almost every mom put themselves under the pressure of being a mom and bury their dreams for the family, and live the rest of their life unidentifiable to themselves. Ask for help when you feel like you want it. You deserve all the happiness and peace; your life should not be in vain or adjustments.

Mom, I know this life of yours is stressful and crazy, but you love it. You are trying the best you can. There are emotionally draining moments, and a lot of emotional strength situations ask for. Remember, you are not alone! Help, support, and love are always in reach of you. So, ditch the 'super mom's cape' and let the real you be shown. The real you wanting help or assistance, your hunger, tiredness, passion, dreams, vulnerabilities, power, and everything genuinely associated with you be shown.

-With love


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