Never body shame your kid!

"I remember having a friend in elementary school being constantly called 'Fat, black, ugly.' She had no friends because she was never up to the beauty standards. It never felt wrong at that age for me too. And now, my heart skips a beat every time I think about her. And I wonder how clear children are getting the message from our society that looks and body size matter. How cruel society is being to kids when a seven-year-old girl restricts herself from eating to be thin!"

The concept of protecting children has outstretched through different aspects, which require vital parental monitoring and mending. One crucial situation most kids today are going through is the illogical practice of "body shaming."

We see people in our family and society who are never happy with their own kid's appearance. Imagine how painful it is for the kid to listen to his/her parents that he/she is not perfect for some reason physically! Expressing someone's opinion on another person's body is one of the most absurd prejudice people make without consideration. It is too naive to body shame children based on how they look!

By telling your child, "look at you, all tanned up being out in the sun," "initiate yourself with some pull-ups, you will grow taller," "Do not eat that cupcake, you already look like one," "Eat something more, one weak skeletal frame you are."

Do you think you are being constructive and care for them or warn them about their health because you are in a responsible parent role?. Absolutely 'NO!'. You make them dangerously conscious about their appearance and motivate them to judge other people too on their looks.

It is the constant pressure we apply on kids to become thin, is more unhealthy and raises health issues than being obese. Children who are too conscious about their body are more likely than others to become depressed and develope eating disorders. That can't be happening already. Growing to dislike their body and others is mortifying.

When they are told bedtime fairy tale stories in which they meet prince and princess of perfect facial and body symmetries, make sure they also get to know stories of great personalities like Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Gandhi; who had the perfect beauty of kindness, knowledge, and wisdom; which ethically satisfies the parameters of beauty! Make our kids proud of how they appear! Teach them to believe in their actions of love, kindness, empathy, wisdom, forgiveness, and hard work. Let them learn to appreciate everyone without any preconceptions give respect everyone equally.

Do not let them become vulnerable to criticisms that possibly crop out in the future. Prepare them to smile. Help generations to break the stereotypes! And let all sizes, colors, shapes, hairs, and faces be welcomed! Make the world an excellent place for kids to live in.

"Monkey sees, monkey do."

This task starts with you. Children taking you as their role model and being inspired by your actions are quite normal. And this is a responsible role. Let them see you, yourself loving the way you look and admiring people around for how they appear. Insist yourself to take risks and do physical activities that can reroute their idea of body empowerment and self-confidence. When you respond like, "I am too old to do it, I am weak.." You are misleading them to trust their body. Blaming yourself and complaining about how you look seriously affects their spirit and self-respect.

Create a "love-list"

Help them prepare a love-list containing a list of peculiarities of their body and physique, which can empower them and feel happy about how they appear. Let the list be like: "My hair is short, healthy and shiny," "I love my teeth; they are the strongest," "They call me a giraffe: but I can help momma take any jar from the highest kitchen cabin." "I am called fat cupcake, but I am the sweetest"! Let all your words be honest and let it fill their heart, empower them, and make them proud. Please assure them that you will always love them no matter what.

Counter negative talk

whether they talk it out loud or to themself that they are not good enough, smell it, and actively abolish the idea itself of self demoting and body shaming. They don't worth such pressure. Understand their thoughts are powerful. So are their words. Continuous thoughts can process changes in them. When such changes are brought, make sure it is positive and are capable of growing them.

It makes sense when you want your kid to be healthy. But do not let the topic 'weight' come into the discussions about 'health and fitness.' Set new family goals to enhance the health and fitness of kids when you have to. It's more like planning a long walk in the evenings, taking them for a hike, practicing a new food routine: including more greens and colorful veggies, and arrange outdoor playtime with family members. This way, healthy behavior is framed. Staying the whole family together in this plan will fun and effective.

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