Little master chef at home

A day for our toddler to cook with momma and papa! Never doubt, that would turn out a memorable one! Letting them cook with you enables the necessary mathematical and problem-solving skills to develop. Children cooking under supervision helps them to be self-directed and independent.
Please get to know the ingredients: Toddlers tend to like anything that comes under their control. This situation promises to introduce and familiarize them with various vegetables, fruits, cereals, and more. Also, this might help them quit picky eating habits.

Science and maths in kitchen
'How do the bread burnt?', 'why butter melts in the hot pan,' 'why it sizzles when ingredients are added into hot oil?'. Answer them all: now, that is a curiosity in science. Ratios, counting, multiplication, timing, temperatures, and so much more they will handle.

Language and vocabulary 
By going through the recipes and terms in it, literacy skills to read the instructions, different words and phrases become familiar. Like;-whisk, knead, beat, blend, chop, grate, mince, and many more.

Co-ordination and precision
scooping, measuring, beating, or whisking are some fundamentals of cooking. Practicing these activates the fine co-ordination and precision in the actions of the toddler.

Boost their confidence 
Cooking something will make your kid proud and satisfied. It might appear difficult or almost impossible to complete, but they will progressively learn the process of accomplishment by splitting the task into different steps. They will feel an achievable attitude to further things in their future.

Sharing and cleaning
During the process of cooking with adults and probably with other siblings, they learn to split the job like cracking eggs one by one -by each of them, helping each other by whisking or stirring, dividing the portions and eating together are all some vital life skills. They will also clean the mess up and enjoy it. Cleaning and washing being enjoyable are not possible otherwise.

Appreciation is a 'must'
Make them feel important. Tell your kid,' my little angel helped momma today,' 'my baby made reduced my work,' 'your pie tastes amazing!', 'teach daddy how to spread the crepe'.. these words escalates their confidence.

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