Vacation, Still Learning Alive

Vacation is a great time for relaxation, for all child community! However, you don’t want all your child’s valuable knowledge to shrink or disappear over these months. Here are five ways to keep learning alive throughout the summer.

Fun from Reading

Reading is not a practice that is dedicated to academics. It is also an entertainment. Try to encourage reading in your children according to their level. Find something interesting and funny books for them. Get them to the nearest and let them select their taste. Also, new technology promotes reading like kindle. This makes your kids’ reading habits alive during vacation.

Play with knowledge

Creativity always makes you intelligent and fun. Find some interesting craftworks or problem-solving games according to their interests. So, they can build their skills in certain innovative ideas. Also consider your skills and hobbies you could share with your child, as well as the skills of older siblings, cousins and those who your child might spend time with this summer.

Informative trips

While your kids are on holiday, take them to places like zoo, aquarium, and museum etc…where they can enjoy a lot along with grasping several information. It is psychologically proven that kids will learn more through infotainment. Additionally, if your family is traveling out of town, assign the job of tracking the location to your child that they can learn new places and its peculiarities.

Summer Camps

Camps are the best way for children to dip into the spirit of learning without the structure of the school. It is another venue for growth allowing kids to become independent and self-confident while socializing and making new friends and also learning new skills. 

Utilizing new technology 

Almost all the new generation parents are tech-savvy some are not but each and every one is aware of the current technologies. And the internet is abundant with games tutorials programs which only promotes edutainment. Utilize it effectively to make kid’s learning alive.  

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