Homework Battle

When the evening settles down, there is a battle begins in every home where there are little ones. As a parent, you might be so anxious about this responsibility to win this battle. You might also get nervous about your kids succeeding in life if they are not willing to do homework. Most of the kids are lazy to accomplish it and they also get irritated when you guys force them. The persisting will result in commotion. We cannot argue their laziness as they are sitting full day at academics. What we have to do is turn this battle to the fun. Here are some tips to reduce your effort that you run behind your kids.
Design the space
Make a special area for study at your home. And the spot should be clean and brightly lit also arrange all the study tools like such as books, pencils, pens, etc... within reach. The study area should be a catchy one that attracts your kids towards study. 
Allot a calm hour at night
Choose the right time for homework, it's better to choose a time after tea or dinner and before free time. you remind that during this time try to silence at home. Try to put your mobile phone in silent mode and turn off the televisions. The atmosphere will be like the library – quiet but not silent. In case if one of your kids finishes homework, assign them some other works like reading magazines otherwise it will distract the other one. 
Consider their limits
Some schools give homework overload which gets kids tired. Because it can take up so much time in the evening of an overscheduled child who has already spent most of his day sitting in a chair. So, make sure that if your kid is taking too much to completing homework otherwise talk to the teacher to reduce the work.
Offer rewards
Instead of forcing your child, “You need to sit down and get started on your homework,” offer them some rewards “Do you want to play or watch tv first complete your homework”. When they complete their homework give some small gifts like eatables and promote the habit of studying.

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