Practice love among siblings

What a beautiful sight when your kids are having a fun time around the backyard and basement of your house rather than quarreling with each other. The love and care between siblings are one of the important factors in making a family happy. Having a good sibling relationship will blossom many human values like sharing, patience, and care for each other, etc… from childhood itself. Otherwise, he or she will be a social failure in the future. So, let us raise children in an atmosphere filled with love and care.

Introduce games that they can play together

The research conducted to improve sibling relationships shows that children have a better relationship when they share activities that they both enjoy. And it is a bit difficult to find out those games. When you suggesting activities to play remind that select something interested to both of them. If both of them want to play different games then be smart combine their games and increase attachment.

Never interrupt

When you see your kids are playing together and their level of fun is so high. Never spoil that happiness by breaking into the happy play. Support them by accomplishing their needs only interrupt when it is needed.  

Make a habit in kids to say “goodnight” and “I love you” 

It will be a lovely opportunity for bonding if you make a habit in your kids to say wishes like “good night” “I love you” before they go to bed.

Support siblings to take care of each other

On occasions, when one child gets hurts practice to give the center of attraction to the one who is hurt. Hold back a second and give the chance to siblings to take care of the one who got hurt. Sometimes you can make them nursing assistants to cure the other ones. It will make them feel like their sibling is a helper instead of a hurter.

Never compare them each other

Your kids will be unique with different talents. Both of them may not be prominent in all areas. One may be studious, another one will be brilliant in sports. So never compare each other based on their abilities. They may be talented or weak in certain areas, don’t force them to become like your brother or sister; it will create revenge towards their siblings in mind.

Let’s plan together 

Let the siblings plan together during the situation when the family is planning a trip or something like that. For instance, if it is a trip, there are so many things to discuss like destination, days schedule etc.…give that job to your kids let them plan together. Also, on occasions when celebrations like birthday, marriages and festivals, tell them to plan something together and the time they spend together will make the bond stronger.

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