Build Donating mind in your kid

Recently the spirit of giving has been increased its rate in the last few years, as natural disasters and calamities occurred across the world. The tears filling sights lead people to donate abundantly for the survival of the affected people. So many parents are using this situation as an opportunity to help children learn about charity. Most of the families include their younger ones to be part of distributing the donation packages to the survivors, that they can understand the pain and misery people undergoing during the bad time. It will make your kid a lovable and compassionate person from childhood onwards. Let’s build a giving mind in your kid.
Donate clothes
Most of the parents spent a lot of money on buying clothes for their kids. Their wardrobes are overflowing with several types of clothes, among them most are unused. Donating clothes is one of the best ways to start a helping mentality in your children. Let your kid know how lucky they are and also the value of clothes. Take them to the needy ones with their excess clothes for donation.
Helping neighbours
Today the world is busy, running behind something they don’t have time. The consequence is that their younger generation will grow up without enough awareness about how to behave in society. Also, it is a pity situation that they don’t even know their neighbors. If you want your kid to be a socialized one allow them to go to the neighborhood and make friendships. Promote to help them in urgent times and sometimes sent them to houses of old people to help them.   
Celebrate birthdays along with charity
It is a good idea to celebrate your kid’s birthday along with charity rather than exhausting your money more on leisure. Let’s go to your nearest orphanages, old age homes, etc... and make them a part of your happiness. Serving them with delicious food and sweets will make their eyes shine with joy. This will set up the blocks of charity in their hearts from childhood onwards.  
Do some charity on holidays.
Holidays! It’s completely dedicated to family. Most of people give more importance to recreation and entertainment. Deviate your thoughts and let’s have a change. For the next holiday you will go for an outing with your kids but there’s a change. It is that take some extra food with you. Deliver the food to the hungry people over the streets. It is wonderful deed that your child definitely does in their future. 

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